Compliance programs and training. Development of robust and effective healthcare compliance programs within the organization’s budget, and advice on effective ways to implement the compliance program from the top down and develops training programs in target areas.


Although compliance programs are  not mandated, if there is a violation of any of the False Claims laws or a HIPAA breach, the government will first inquire into the organization’s compliance program and its effectiveness and will use it as a benchmark to assess penalties and fines.


Data Security and Privacy. Advice on  data security and privacy, whether the organization had a HIPAA “breach,” whether there is a requirement to report the breach (and to whom), and how to minimize HIPAA breaches, further including training programs in such regard.


Some statistical knowledge is useful: 70% of cyber hacks happen from within the organization and maybe malicious or non-malicious compromises. Malicious hacks are typically caused by disgruntled employees. A “non-malicious” insider means a person making an honest mistake based on lack of awareness, eager to perform work quickly or perhaps falling a victim to “social engineering.”


Physician Employment Agreements.  Draft and negotiate physician employment agreements on behalf of physicians, and representation of physicians in employment termination cases including disputes involving clinical privileges in front of the Medical Staff.


Sale and Purchase Agreements. Draft sale and purchase and other agreements for medical device and medical equipment companies with a special focus on global clients whether inbound or outbound transactions.


The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) policies and agreements. Today, even the healthcare industry is experiencing globalization. Whether you are considering collaborating with a foreign physician; would like to market your medical services abroad to gain referrals; or, are considering donations in a foreign country with the goal of gaining referrals or patients, the FCPA may be implicated, and it may be illegal. Draft agreements and policies and advises clients, healthcare clients in particular, on the impact of the FCPA on their medical practices.